Seconde Guerre Mondiale
 Soldats allemands emmenant un prisonnier américain


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Escape report Lt Brian Robertson Browne

Lt Brian Robertson Browne was parachuted above Normandy during the night leading to the Normandy invasion. He touched ground 20 km away from his target and was arrested by the Germans while trying to reach the allied lines. He then managed to escape and return to allied controlled territory. 




"I was dropped on the night of 6 Jun 44 seven kilometres inland from VILLERS-SUR-MER (FRANCE 1:250,000, sheet 6, U2983), about 20 kms away from our objective. Almost immediately on landing at about 0300 hrs, I met my batman, Private RENWICK G (now P/W).

We ran into a cycle patrol of what I think were S.S. troops and I shot three of them. We made contact with a party of two officers and 33 other ranks and with them we made towards our lines. We split up the party and I continued with a party of three to cross the DIVES River. After crossing it I met a party of six, and we manoeuvred round, trying five times in all to get back to our lines. Whilst a glider pilot RIDGEWAY and I were trying yet again to cross, this time in civilian clothes, which had been given to us by French helpers, we were captured west of TROARN (U1667) on 2 Jul.

We had considerable difficulty with a German colonel, who was going to have us shot because of our being in plain clothes. When we produced the uniforms which we had hidden he agreed to take us prisoner of war.

I was moved to a Divisional Headquarter (location unknown) where I was interrogated. I refused all information and the interrogation was unduly pressed. On 3 July, we were moved to BONNEBOSQ (NW EUROPE, 1:250,000, Sheet 7, Q 4495), where I was kept till 17 Jul, when I was moved to FRESNAY LE BUFARD, about five kilometre from PALAISN (Sheet 8, U13)

On 20 Jul, F/Lt J. CAMPBELL, a Spitfire pilot, 2Lt Rudolf AUGARDEN, an American, W.O. ZACHARUCK, a flight Lieutenant in the RAF, whose Christian name was David, a private (name unknown) who was a member of the 12th parachute Bn and I sawed through the ceiling of a stable with a small key saw used for cutting bread. We pushed the boards up and got into a barn later that night. We then lowered ourselves on a rope made of from blankets and a parachute ripcord to a road which ran to the main entrance of the camp. We went off in pairs, my companion being W.O. ZACHARUCK, RCAF. We went due south and arrived near COURTELLE (U 1423), where we eventually made contact with some members of the resistance movement. They hid us between COURTELLE and GIEL (U 1422) in a barn till about 2 Aug. From here we moved in plain clothes with the resistance people to HABLOVILLE (U 1624). We here till about 15 Aug in a room next to a café.

We helped the resistance in the use of their arms and assisted them on their raids.

After being chased and hiding again in a barn at MONTGAROULT (U 1920) we made our way to our own lines, reaching them two kilometres from ECOUCHE (U 1816).

We were evacuated to BAYEUX and left NORMANDY on 23 Aug."










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