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Article published in local newspaper "Courrier de Mantes" on November 8, 1944

Article in Le Courrier de Mantes

English translation:


Wednesday, November 8, 1944


Four airmen that came down from a American airplane that was badly hit by the flak landed in our region last June 24 around 17.30. One was made prisoner near Aubergenville railway station, the second one was never found; the third, W.F. Giffhohn was greeted by an inhabitant of Epône, Mr Nestor Lambin who offered him hospitality for the night. Only listening to his patriotic duty, Mr Lambin, despite the terrible threat of the Gestapo, comforted the Sammie, gave civilian clothes and early in the morning took him to the “route de Quarante-Sous”*, from where he probably manage to get back to his base near Caen by hitch hiking!

Route de Quarante-Sous” is the nickname of a main road in the Epône area. Workers who built that road were paid 2 francs per day (1 sous = 5 centimes; 40 sous = 2 francs)




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